Custom Caricature Service


The most popular service I get asked to carry out as an illustrator is custom caricatures. They make great gifts for loved ones, or could be used for whatever other purpose you deem suitable (profile pictures and decorating the downstairs loo seem to be popular options).

Below you will find a guide to the various formats and prices. As each caricature is unique and personal, these prices are only a guide and may be subject to adjustments, but I would always discuss this with you first. Prices are based on an A4 size drawing.


From £ 50

M Kahl Basic

  • Black-and-White Line Drawing, A4 size
  • One person, full body
  • Props
  • Blank Background
  • Digital copy via email

Basic with Background

From £ 70

M Kahl Basic With Background

  • Same as Basic, PLUS…
  • Basic Black-and-white Background

Full Colour with Background

From £ 90

M Kahl Full Colour with Background

  • Same as Full Colour, PLUS…
  • Basic Colour or Photo Background
  • Complex Backgrounds will incur an extra charge, discussed in advance

Extra People and Printing/Framing


The above prices are for a digital custom caricature of one person, but you can add more people if you like. Typically this would incur an additional charge of £25 per person, although if it will cost more I will discuss this before starting work.

The digital copy of your caricature will be suitable for you to have printed and framed yourself. However, if you would prefer a printed, framed copy of your caricature rather than a digital copy, please let me know and I will arrange a price before starting work.


The Order Process


  1. Fill in the form below, including as much detail as possible and at least one photo of the person you would like me to draw, with any backgrounds/props
  2. I will get back to you as soon as I can to discuss the details and provide you with a quote for the work
  3. If you are happy with my quote, you will be required to pay a deposit (roughly 30%) before I start work (Credit Card via PayPal, or bank transfer)
  4. I will sketch the caricature in pencil first, and send you a watermarked copy for you to approve/amend
  5. Once you are happy with my sketch, I will trace it and finish it off to the agreed standard. You will receive one more watermarked copy before needing to pay the remaining cost
  6. When payment has been received, I will send you the finished digital copy (or printed copy if ordered)



If you would like to enquire about custom caricatures or any of my other services, please get in touch.