So Why would you hire an illustrator?

if you have a project, and if no-one else can help…

There are many situations where you as an individual may want to hire a Freelance Illustrator. Perhaps you are just about to publish that hilarious book you’ve been writing for years? Maybe you need some humorous cartoons to enhance your website or blog? Or you may want to commission a caricature of a loved one as a gift (or of yourself, for a profile photo or something). 


For businesses, hiring a freelance illustrator or cartoonist would be a good idea for one-off projects, such as a presentation, and ad campaign, creating a website and so on. Using a freelancer is simpler and more convenient in the long run than keeping an in-house cartoonist on the books.

My Services


I specialise in high quality, digitally inked illustrations and cartoons. What does that mean? Basically, after sketching a cartoon in pencil, I trace a neat outline in ink, then transfer my drawing to a computer for colouring and texturing. This means I can quickly adjust colours until they are just right, correct imperfections in the drawing, and make use of textures, photos and filters to add detail to the picture. You will find more information on these techniques in the Blog section of this website.

Meanwhile, here are some of the services I typically offer (or get asked to do):

Book Illustrations

Custom Caricatures

Images for presentations/media

Cartoon strips

Grayscale/outline drawings



If your project doesn’t quite fit into these categories, that’s OK. Feel free to get in touch and I’ll see if I can help – I’m quite happy to try new things!


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